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What can you do when someone is dedicated to making you wrong?

Do you have someone in your life who is dedicated to making you wrong no matter how you show up? I remember when I first became aware of this with a coworker. They always pointed things out or had something to say. Sometimes they didnt have to say anything. It was as if they just wanted me to feel bad or less than.

This coworker would say things about me and I could not do anything right in her eyes. I rubbed her the wrong way. I decided that I was not going to make her wrong and I chose complete allowance. I refused to make her right or wrong. I chose acknowledge that she was choosing to make me wrong and terrible. Acknowledgement goes a long way. I wasnt making her wrong I was just standing in my awareness.

I also cleared my points of view around what she was choosing and got out of that sticky polarity. I chose to stop reacting. I asked for ease and I pulled and received from her with gratitude. Now this was not easy at first but I was so done with being the effect of her. It had nothing to do with me in the first place. It was not my crap, it was an energy she was stuck in perpetrating. The change was gradual and a little uncomfortable but I decided I had my own back and stood in my peace and ease knowing that crap was hers. She said less to me each day and then she eventually switched to nights so we no longer worked together. Hey I will take it! lol.

Long story short, she perpetrated the same thing with the night crew. That was validation right there that it literally had nothing to do with me. It was just choices she was making and energy she had no clue she was stuck in. So if someone is dedicated to making you wrong that is not your problem. Everything is a choice. What someone else chooses has nothing to do with you. Allowance and ease. It is safe to choose ease, you are allowed.

About the author

Clara is a consciousness facilitator, mom, empath, and energy healer. You can find out more about Clara at

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