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People pleasing leaving you starving??

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Have you ever made a bunch of sandwiches or food for a bunch of people? Each person is different. Everyone has unique tastes. Some folks have allergies and some folks really have no clue what they desire. Each person wants something different and all the orders are coming at the same time. At this point I am just trying to help everyone get their food but I AM STARVING!!

Now this meal is pure chaos. This sandwich is missing a piece of bread, that one has too much mayo. And My sandwich has mustard on it. I cannot stand mustard, at all. But I will scrape it off and eat it anyway. After all of this, everyone is upset, disappointed and still hungry.

Nobody is satisfied and to be honest, I am exhausted. But it is not my responsibility or my food, ya feel me? They have to make their own choices and mistakes. I cannot control that. But I can choose to get my food right and fill myself up first. Then I can decide to assist or not. Just because I overhear their orders, does not mean I have to order the same thing or even pitch in on the tip.

About the author Clara is a consciousness facilitator, mom, empath, and energy healer. You can find out more about Clara at

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