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4 things about me that may surprise you

I am the milk man's daughter. I have always thought that was so funny because I always felt like I didn't fit in with my family lol. But I am kidding-kinda. My dad drove a milk truck for many years picking milk up from farms and delivering it to the dairy for processing. I loved going on rides with him and I felt very special eating hot fudge at the big fancy dairy. Going on these trips also exposed me to the Amish community and their amazing treats they would share with us. Now I am lactose intolerant lmao.

I am a single mom of 2 very sensitive, amazing kids. Rob is 11 and Jayden is 18. 2 kids, 2 fathers and neither are involved. I used to make this very wrong but I have realized over the past few years that it's actually a beautiful gift from the universe.

I am a recovering addict. Mostly alcohol and heroin but really I was addicted to anything that made me feel different or numb. I struggled for decades in and out of jail and rehab. Many times prevailing and many times falling on my face. I don't really like to even use the word "sober" I just say no thank you.

I smell everything. Everything. My hands, the mail, a stick I picked up off the ground. I have a very sensitive nose and many smells are either too much or make me gag. My main nemesis is metal. Like I just can't with metal and the way the smell of it sticks around, ugh. But then I love the smell of dirt and mud haha.

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