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It's Clara...

Clara was born and raised in Ohio. She is the youngest of three kids. Addiction and mental illness  surrounded her throughout her life in one way or another. She functioned most of her life in pleasing people and making herself small and insignificant. She felt very alone and well, wrong. Clara always felt different. She continuously struggled with feeling everything and internalizing what she was feeling as something was wrong with her.

Clara's Story

Clara spent most of her life trying to find a place to belong and feel at ease. Searching in everything outside of herself to get some relief from this reality. Finding herself lost and in avoidance of well…. basically everything.


As a single mom of two kiddos, she dove deep into drug and alcohol addiction, attempting to escape the inner suffering she deeply resided in. After years of jail, probation and rehabs she found herself sober, but riddled in guilt, shame, and wrongness. Continuing the cycles of suffering.  It wasn't until Clara found consciousness work that she began to unravel who she be. 


Clara is as sensitive as they come. Although she never really understood it until she started working with an energy facilitator, Clara was so aware of other people’s struggles. In fact she was not only aware of them, she also always tried to figure everyone’s struggles out. As really what she desired to do was to help everyone feel better. 

And now, here she is embracing her truth as a consciousness facilitator ready to help you realize your amazingness as well.

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