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Welcome Weirdo!

I've been waiting for you

I know you... I see you...

It seems you're too weird or different to be acknowledged... 

Feeling all the things is hard. 

Feeling under attack all the time is even harder. 

I'm Clara. And, I get you. Cause I am you. We are one and our connection runs deep. 

If you've struggled your whole life with:

  • feeling separate and different from others.

  • feeling overwhelmed with emotions, not knowing what to do with them. 

  • feeling like you never fit in, even in your family... have help for you!

Woman by the Water

Stop struggling with isolation & separation

Feeling like your walking alone in this world is daunting....Learn how to deeply connect to those around you without the pain or anguish of overwhelm.

Girl Walking in Empty Road

Stop making who you are wrong

You are beautifully different for a reason. Stop stifling who you are because it makes someone else uncomfortable.

Stressed Woman

Stop absorbing all the thoughts of those around you

Learn to manage what you absorb to keep your own energy high.

Meet Conscious Clara

I began my journey into consciousness work when I woke up one day and decided, “I can not live like this anymore.” For the last few years I have been deep diving into clearing new pathways and new possibilities for myself and my two children.

I have always struggled. Even from a young age, I’ve always felt different and separate from everyone else. Growing up witnessing my family's struggle with addiction, I always felt uncomfortable and awkward about life. I was the perfect people pleaser throughout school, getting all As and graduating with honors. Even though I was excelling, something always felt off.

I spent the next decade trying to figure out, what was wrong with me? I drowned my wrongness in drugs and alcohol only to find my life spiraling out of control. It wasn’t until I got sober and decided to change that I found the tools to actually release myself from this inner pending doom. Now, I love helping others with the same awakening I had. What if there is nothing “wrong” with you? What if your uncomfortable awareness is the key to setting your life free?

Energy Facilitation To Shift
The Wrongness To Ease

Conscious creator (42).png
Want help on your journey?
I offer powerful guidance and energy facilitation to walk you beyond....

Feeling So Alone

Realizing that you in fact are not alone gives you the power to make massive changes within your life. Struggling with feeling separate, different, and just plan weird stops you from truly living life.

Partner with me, and I will walk you into expansion and oneness, teaching you tools, techniques, and processes to stop feeling so separate and alone.

Old Past Mistakes

I know it can feel as though you will never be free from this pain of the past, but I am proof! I turned my life around from addiction and abuse. I am confident that no matter what old skeletons you have in your closet, we can set those guys free for good! You deserve freedom from old mistakes. You deserve to move forward and live the life you desire.

Being Overreactive

Stop the over reaction cycle now! Anger, rage, guilt, sadness, and shame all run rampant in the over reactive life. If you're done cycling through the emotions on the daily, I can assist you in breaking this cycle and releasing this old person for good! Just imagine how much better your life would feel if you weren't always playing emotional ping pong.

End the cycle now! 

Check out my blog!

jamie lemke

I had the privilege of working with Clara one on one. She listened without judgment. She helped me understand that I had a lot of points and views around certain things from my upbringing. This was causing me to keep looping in my anxiety. She has so many beautiful tools that she uses to help clear and realease. I feel so much more space and allowance! I highly recommend her.


Clara is full of energetic abundance. She leads with passion and encouragement, every interaction leaves me feeling more whole and empowered to take on whatever is in my way. She truly embodies love and light.

Jamie Bates Head shot.jpg

I've had the pleasure of working with Clara for the past few years. Clara is a highly intuitive change bringer whose awareness is spot on. She has a beautiful way to bring up energies of awareness and stand in a none judgmental way that allows the space and grace for them to be released and removed. I have thoroughly enjoyed to get to know the space of Clara. She is a true an energetic powerhouse.  

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